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Feb 09, 2021
Spring is in the Air!

Registrations for our spring sessions are open now. Please check our schedule of classes and choose the class that works best for your child. We cannot wait to see you in a few weeks!

Feb 09, 2021
Join us!

Sep 02, 2020
New Services!

LangoKids Irvine is happy to announce that besides our group classes for kids, we are offering now in person and online private classes for kids and teens. Please call 714-864-4680 for more information. 

Jul 16, 2020
Fall Classes in Times of COVID

Hello Everybody! Everything is still up in the air, however, we had made a decision to hold both online and in person classes, simultaneously. This summer we did a fantastic camp with all heath and safety measures. We took campers' temperature, applied hand sanitizer, washed hands regularly, and inside the class, kids had so much fun they even forgot about the masks they wore. We received praises like:  "I wanted to write quickly and say thank you for holding the camp open this summer, even under such difficult circumstances. I asked my daughter how she did with wearing a mask all day (she's only used to short time frames, such as a grocery store run) and she said she forgot she was wearing it because she was having so much fun. We are thankful for you and the entire team working so hard to have camp in a fun and safe environment"

We firmly believe we can hold classes safely in the fall for 4 students only. Registrations opening on July 21. See you in person or online! We welcome and are grateful for both. 

May 26, 2020
You asked for it so...

Thank you everybody for believing is us! We had the best online classes in the spring and summer and we are projecting more in the fall. Join us! 

Mar 02, 2020
Good News!

Registrations for summer camps and classes are officially open. Get your spot at at a discounted rate and apply for our scholarhips before April 1st. Call 714-864-4680 for more information or sign up  HERE

Jan 19, 2020
What's Going on?

Registrations for spring session are open now and summer camp registrations are scheduled to open on March 1st. For more details of Camp Lango please visit the Summer and Winter Camps tab. See all the classes that will be offered in the spring and summer here. Early bird discounts and scholarships for camp availabe until April 1st. 



Oct 23, 2019
FREE Classes for All!

Our Next Open House will be from January 6 to 11, 2020. It's a full week in which we open most of our classes to welcome new and returning students to enjoy a class for FREE. There's no committment or pressure to sign up. That's how confident we are of our services and our awesome, loving teachers! RSVP here for our next Open House. See you there! 

Apr 03, 2019
Spring Classes are Here!

Hello Spring! We had a fantastic week of demo classes and now we are ready to start classes. There are a few spots left in some classes so go ahead and snatch it up before it's too late. Classes start on April 8th and go until June 15th. Join us!

Winter Camps Available Now!

Give your kids a gift that lasts not only a season but a whole life! In our camps, we offer a great combination of fun and learning that kids will love without realizing how much they are acquiring. This year we'll learn how kids in other parts of the world celebrate the holidays and we'll have very interesting science projects, songs, riddles and more. Click here to get more info and to sign up. 

Jun 18, 2019
Great News!

We were featured in the news of a prestigious and local channel!  Click on the photo below to see us in action. Call us for more info and to be be part of our great LangoKids Irvine family.







Jul 01, 2019
Registrations for Fall Open Now

In case you like planning ahead like we do, we decided to make fall registrations available from now. We have a new registration system that we hope you like and find easy to navigate. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If not, we'll see you in the fall!

May 28, 2019
Summer Camp Spots Going Away!

 Don't miss out on the learning and fun of our summer camps! No other program compares to us in care for children, curriculum, and length of the program (full days with extended care included). Last spots available! Please register HERE

Note: A few weeks are sold out. Please contact us to be added to the wait-list. 

Apr 29, 2019
Yes, we have summer classes!

You asked for classes in the summer for little ones and we listened! Hurry up and save your spot in our classes for kids ages two to six and let us amaze you and the kids with all the fun and educational things we'll do. Spaces are limited! Register here

Feb 18, 2019
Our Demo Classes in the Spring

The wait is over! Come try our program for free and see why we are called the best after-school language program in OC. 

Sep 09, 2018
Fall Session 2018

We completed another successful round of demo classes last week and now registrations for classes in the fall are officially closed. Thank you to all that attended! If you are interested in a class that hasn't taken place yet (this week only), please contact us to see if there's availability. If not, do not worry, we have classes starting every 10 weeks and registrations for winter open in November. Hasta pronto!

Jun 07, 2018
Fall Session Classes

Today we had the pleasure to announce our classes in the fall. It will be a great session! New families are encouraged to attend a FREE demo class the week prior to the beginning of classes. See our schedule here and see the latest newsletter here. If you want us to keep being informed of dates and events, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. Thank you and see you soon! 

Jul 25, 2017
American Sign Language

Give your baby the gift of communication before words! We are happy to announce our latest addition to our language program: American Sign Language for Parents of  Babies and Toddlers. It's a class for parents to learn the basics of ASL so they can easily understand and meet the needs of babies and toddlers. It's a highly rewarding class and experience you do not want to miss! See more details here and join us for a demo class. Call us at 714-864-4680 for more details. 


Oct 25, 2017
Registrations Open Now!

The wait is over! Registrations for winter are open and are we are missing is you! We can't wait to see you then!

Oct 25, 2016
Update News of the Winter

We are excited to share with you some good news! Our Winter Session will be offered at our new location just 4 doors down from where we currently are. If you are a returning family, we can't wait to show you around  and if you are new, just wait and see what we have there for you! Join us on the new adventure!

Oct 25, 2016
What are Demo Classes?

Demo classes are meant for us to show you what we do outside our our regular sessions (fall, winter, spring and summer). Our commitment is to be as open about our program as we can. The best part is there's no commitment on your part! You register if so you desire and if there are spots available. Remember that our teache student ratio is very low (1:8) and classes fill up quickly. Attending a demo class does not guarantee a spot in the class you want. See you at the next Open House on January 9. Register HERE

Jul 02, 2016
Class Registrations Open!

Registrations for our highly anticipated program in the fall are open now. Please contact us if you have specific questions about the program or your   child's level. If you are ready to reserve your spot, please go to list of classes,  choose the one you desire and follow the links. We are excited to see you there  in the fall!

Among the Best!



Proud to announce we have been chosen as The Best of OC People's Choice & Critics Picks 2015 for Tutoring Services. It just keeps getting better!

Feb 15, 2016
Spring Classes

We have great news for everyone! Our Spring session registrations are officially open! If you are interested in attending a demo class before the session starts, please let us know. We'll gladly send you the invitation.  

Jan 21, 2016
Let's Learn!

Join us on Sunday at UCI at 1:30pm for the 6rh Annual OC Preschool & Private School Fair, where Cristina G. Versteegh will be speaking about the benefits of early bilingualism. Be there also for the fair and find out what schools and programs can support you in your dream of raising bilingual kids. See you there!

Jan 04, 2016
Open House 2016

Happy New Year! with 2016 here, the wait for our demo classes is over! Register below for FREE and join us!



Fall Session 2015



We had a great time at our Open House two weeks ago! It was fun to see new and familiar faces and to share our program! We started our fall session this week and our registrations are now closed.

Spanish/French Summer Camp...

We announce that our Spanish and French Summer Camp has been sold out COMPLETELY. If you are interested for next year's summer camp, please send us your email to make sure we keep you updated with our deadlines.

Open House 2015 is here...

  Spring is around the corner and so is our Spring Open House 2015! Don't miss out in getting to know our program for FREE, register now!


Back to class...



We are happy to have started our winter session this week and our registrations are now closed. Our Spring session will begin on April 13th, 2015 so registrations will be open soon, see you then!

What You Were Waiting For...

Curious about our program? Already in the program and love us so much you want to get a free class and free treats? Join us! Our Winter Session Open House of the year is here!  




Making the Difference...

 LangoKids Irvine is excited to be part of making the world a better place by having so many children's hearts sing and smile with our support. We are proud to partner with Corazon de Vida Foundation, and we thank those that have given items or money. You are making the difference too!


All that Glitter is Snow...

 Don't miss out! Join us for a great linguistic and cultural experience through camps or classes in the winter. Winter camp is a very effective way to speed up the language acquisiton process while the kids learn about holiday traditions of other cultures, eat traditional dishes, dance, sing, make snow, play games, and more! Space is limited and registration ends on December 3rd.

Oct 17, 2014
Winter is Almost Here...

 Registrations for our Winter Camp and Session are almost here. Reserve your spot soon as classes fill up quickly. We look forward to seeing you in the winter.



Oct 14, 2014
Happy to Announce that...

 LangoKids Irvine is proud to be listed as one of IPSF's Top Businesses supporting education in Irvine.


Registrations for Fall Open Now!

Dear friends of LangoKids Irvine the wait is over! Registrations for our Fall session are now open. Reserve your spot soon as classes fill up quickly. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!

 Register HERE! 

A New Member of our crew!

We are happy to welcome our new friend Colega to our LangoKids team! He will teach fun grammar, special lessons, and expressions to the kids in our more advanced levels. We look forward to having him and to go on the adventures he has in store for us. Please order your books HERE. We can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Leader's Blog

 New! Leader's Blog

Jul 24, 2012
Kicking off Our Fall Session

We had a great time at our Open House! It was fun to see new and familiar faces and to share our program with everybody for an entire week! We are closing registrations on Monday September 10th at 10 am. Once the class starts, new students are not accepted, please don't insist. There are still a few spots available in several classes, so secure yours now! If you are interested in classes that are full, please give us a call (Before the class you are intersted in begins) at 714-864-4680 and let us present you with more options. We are looking forward to another great fall session and to have you there with us!


Jul 29, 2012
We Did It!


I not only supported and ran the 5K event organized by the Irvine Public School Foundation, but also, won 1st place in my age group! As promised, this victory is dedicated to all our LangoKids Irvine family: parents, children, & teachers. Life is like a race, and only the ones that are equiped with other languages and other skills win it! It was really nice to see familiar faces there supporting and helping spread the word about what we do. Thank you for entrusting your child's language education to us!

Oct 12, 2011
A Note from Us:

Thanks to all the parents who have taken the lead to refer our great program to their home-schools in Irvine, Tustin, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Foothill Ranch. Thanks to them, many more kids can experience our program and start the process of becoming bilingual or multilingual and multicultural. If you are interested in doing the same (Remember that your child's tuition is FREE), give us a call at 714-864-4680 or email us at cgarcia@langokidsirvine.com

Sep 18, 2011
Our Fall Session Is Here!

Check our latest update here. We are starting our Fall Session this week and we are all ready to go on an adventure to the Jungle. Haven't registered yet? Hurry, online registrations are closing on Monday, September 18th at 5pm.

Jun 17, 2011

The LangoKids Irvine team understands how important the decision to send your child to a summer camp is. Join us for a FREE demo of what Camp Lango has to offer this year. We'll have games, story time, music, and other fun activities in the target language. This is an invitation ONLY for new families that want to try the program before enrolling.

Spanish Camp Preview
 June 21st at 4:15 pm
Spots for demo class are very limited (Only the first 8 responses to this invitation) as several weeks are full. Check availability here and attend if you are interested in a week that still has openings.

French Camp Preview
 June 22nd at 4:15 pm

Meet our great French instructor who combines his French teaching and music talents to give your child an unforgettable language immersion experience in the summer. This demo is highly recommended!

Mandarin Chinese Camp Preview
 June 23rd at 4:15 pm
Spots for demo class are limited (The first 12 responses to this invitation) as a few weeks are almost full. Check availability
here and attend if you are interested in a week that still has openings. 

 Previews will be held at our Irvine location: 800 Roosevelt, Irvine 92620.

Please EMAIL US specifying the language you are interested in. We are excited to see you there!



Camp Lango 2011

Registrations for our fantastic Camp Lango are open. Take advantage of our prices for early birds, scholarships, and discounts for multiple weeks. We can't wait for summer to be here and have another unforgettable experience.

Feb 08, 2011
Spring Registrations Open!

If you want a spot for your child in our classes this spring (Session runs for 10 weeks from April 11 - June 16), please sign up online. We are offering the same high quality classes for children and workshops for parents to encourage language acquisition at home. As for summer...have you thought of giving your child a real fun language immersion experience without traveling abroad? Contact us for more information.

Oct 26, 2010
Winter Session

We are a few weeks away from finishing our successful and fun-filled learning adventures of the Fall Session. Our Lango friends are having tons of fun in the city looking for Cosmo, and they are already planning their next adventure in the mountains...how fun! Mark your calendars for this new session starts on 01/17/11. We will be thrilled to have you there!

Oct 28, 2010
LangoKids at Pretend City

We are proud to announce the second round of Spanish Classes at Pretend City. The children's museum in Irvine is opening its doors to Spanish learning for Moms and toddlers. Our first class is FREE. This "playclasses" are great for parents and caregivers who want to learn a language alongside their children! Click here for more information.