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Our mission is to offer excellent foreign language instruction for children ages 2 to 9 in an effective and fun immersion environment.  We provide our kids with unlimited opportunities to use the target language in different scenarios. We strongly believe that every child can and should acquire a language, and we do it holistically, not as a mere instrument. We don't give them bits and pieces of language; we give it all: We play, dance, interact, and learn words and expressions using the target language 100% of the time. 

Our curriculum targets the gradual development of the four language skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing) and we ensure that our children not only acquire the language, but also learn to love and appreciate it. Our approach to language learning is experimental and natural. In other words, they learn the language as if they were learning their first language, and through fun activities. We employ highly qualified professionals that care about our children and use Lango materials to the best of their abilities to enhance language learning in and out of the classroom.







Bring your child to LangoKids Irvine and we'll make sure s/he acquires a foreign language, makes developmental strides, learns to appreciate and love other cultures, and makes friends. Don't wait any longer! We are at:


Our Location 

9090 Irvine Center Drive Suite # 100

Irvine, CA 92618 


Bacchus Office Park is at the corner of Irvine Center Drive and Bake Parkway, and has features such as abundant landscaping, ample parking space, and a clean, innovative campus-style environment. Our office and classrooms are bright, spacious, and welcoming. We are located close to Los Olivos and one of Irvine's major shopping and recreational areas, the Spectrum, and the kids' favorite: Pretend City.


Irvine Valley College
5500 Irvine Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92604
LangoKids Irvine
Bacchus Office Park
9090 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618