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Thank you all for your business and for believing in us. Cheers to you and to the many more years that will come, in which we'll happily continue our mission of cultivating foreign language learning, love, and appeciation in our kids.

LangoKids is the only After School Spanish Immersion program in Irvine that offers Spanish Classes and Summer and Winter Camps for kids between 2 and 9 years old. (Kids over 10 years old are accepted upon being assessed for higher level classes). We maximize and try to extend the window of opportunity for language acquisition set by linguists and scientists at around 7 or max 8 years old. We teach kids at all levels. We have beginning to very advanced classes. We specialize in Language Acquisition ( a fun, natural, and interactive way of learning), not Language Learning (an artificial, grammar based, and boring way of learning), have years of experience under our belts, and it's truly our pleasure to serve you! Complete our entire cycle of classes and camps to reap the benefits of raising a bilingual or a multilingual child!

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This is what we do best...Spanish Immersion Classes and Camps for Kids                               

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At LangoKids Irvine, we believe every child should and can acquire a foreign language. We welcome everybody to our wonderful Lango family. Come see us if you are in one of the following categories:

Multilingual or Spanish speaking families seeking support in speaking a target language outside the home and with other children. We also support the kids that already speak the language and are ready to explore language functionality through our unique and fun grammar and theater lessons.

Families with little or no Spanish language skills seeking exposure to language through our immersion method.

 Children everywhere and from all backgrounds who show a unique fascination for other languages and cultures! See why LangoKids Irvine is the best option in foreign language acquisition for your children:


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Sep 02, 2020
New Services!

LangoKids Irvine is happy to announce that besides our group classes for kids, we are offering now in person and online private classes for kids and teens. Please call 714-864-4680 for more information. 

Jul 16, 2020
Fall Classes in Times of COVID

Hello Everybody! Everything is still up in the air, however, we had made a decision to hold both online and in person classes, simultaneously. This summer we did a fantastic camp with all heath and safety measures. We took campers' temperature, applied hand sanitizer, washed hands regularly, and inside the class, kids had so much fun they even forgot about the masks they wore. We received praises like:  "I wanted to write quickly and say thank you for holding the camp open this summer, even under such difficult circumstances. I asked my daughter how she did with wearing a mask all day (she's only used to short time frames, such as a grocery store run) and she said she forgot she was wearing it because she was having so much fun. We are thankful for you and the entire team working so hard to have camp in a fun and safe environment"

We firmly believe we can hold classes safely in the fall for 4 students only. Registrations opening on July 21. See you in person or online! We welcome and are grateful for both. 

May 26, 2020
You asked for it so...

Thank you everybody for believing is us! We had the best online classes in the spring and summer and we are projecting more in the fall. Join us! 

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